New paper in CSTP on bus fleet greening in Vietnam by Dorina Pojani

Greening the transport fleet is a central issue in Asian cities. Hanoi, the capital of Vietnam, recently introduced modern and comfortable electric buses along 10 routes (out of more than 110 routes). Using the Technology Acceptance Model as a departing point, this study investigates young people’s intention to use this new technology. We employ primary survey data from more than 800 university students, which we model through structural equations. The results suggest that most students are intent on using e-buses. Those who are more innovative and more environmentally aware are more likely to plan on using e-buses. However, the environmental merits of e-buses are not the decisive factor. Students are also interested in the safety, security, and innovation aspects of this mode in addition to its environmental friendliness. A key lesson is that, in Vietnam and similar settings, e-bus launches should be accompanied by a package of measures that highlight all the benefits of this mode. E-buses should be framed as fundamentally different to the conventional buses of old.

To cite:

Nguyen, M.H., Pojani, D. 2023. Can electric buses entice more public transport use? Empirical evidence from Vietnam. Case Studies on Transport Policy