Meet our students

Each year, about 100 new BRTP (bachelor) and MURP (master) students join our programs from all over the world. Most of our students partake in OOPS – the Organization of Planning Students at UQ.

OOPS has more than 50 members and this number is growing every year! It is a UQ Union affiliated club. OOPS’s main focus is on providing social and professional events that are informative, fun and encourage connections with other students and industry professionals alike.

Professional events include seminars and information sessions throughout the year. The major annual event is Industry Night where students utilise the positive connections they and faculty maintain with private and public town planning related agencies, and professional associations, to provide the graduating cohort with valuable information on working as a planner in a variety of different roles, a range of networking opportunities and the potential to score a job before graduation.

Social events are OOPS’ forte as our students believe there is great benefit in planning events where both undergraduate and postgraduate planners can interact socially – it’s a great way to meet those in one’s cohort and make some new friends in the years above or below. OOPS social events include barefoot bowls, pub-crawls, informal drinks/meet and greet sessions and the the OOPS End of Year Ball! Soon OOPS will be introducing weekly kickback sessions – stay tuned for updates! OOPS also holds fundraisers, usually in the form of sausage sizzles, to enable the club to heavily subsidise OOPS events for members.

In 2020, OOPS launched its newsletter, OOPS Connect, which highlights topics and projects that are important within the UQ|UP community and showcases the work of those within OOPS. The newsletter also provides updates on recent and upcoming OOPS events. All issues are available at this link.

  • President Ben Bragagnolo
  • Vice President Taylor Ravenscroft
  • Secretary Emma Gurney
  • Treasurer Eli Rifai
The more, the merrier!