About UQ|UP

UQ|UP is part of the the leading School of Architecture, Design and Planning (SADP) at the University of Queensland – a university in the world’s top 50 and one of Australia’s Group of Eight. We are located in Brisbane, a beautiful subtropical city on Australia’s east coast.

► This is our informal Blog. All UQ|UP staff and HDR students contribute news, opinions, and research papers to this Blog. The views expressed on this Blog are our own and do not necessarily represent the views of the University of Queensland or SADP. You are welcome to participate to ongoing discussions by posting comments.

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UQ|UP research and teaching staff are among Australia’s best urban planning academics and practitioners. We come from all over the world and enjoy international links with collaborators in the US, the UK, Canada, France, the Netherlands, Eastern Europe, the Middle East, Latin America, and Indonesia.

Our wide-ranging expertise spans:

  • urban design
  • transport and infrastructure
  • information technology and GIS
  • social planning
  • heritage and conservation
  • development planning
  • resource management
  • real estate
  • environmental planning and monitoring
  • law and practice
  • commercial and industrial development
  • public health

Meet our team, as well as our esteemed colleagues in architecture and design. As a group, we are recognised worldwide for our teaching and research excellence, and for our collaborative links with industry and community. In addition to our colleagues in architecture and design, we also collaborate closely with our human geography colleagues, on projects ranging from micromobility to international migration.

What is urban planning?

Urban Planning is concerned with improving built and natural environments.

What can you do with an urban planning degree? Click on this link to find out!

In 2014, McCrindle research found that urban planning is one of Australia’s top-four future-proofed degrees. It has the second highest rate of full-time employment for graduates of any program in Australia.

And employers in Australia and internationally recognise UQ|UP degrees as delivering confident, knowledgeable, and experienced graduates. Our Bachelor of Regional and Town Planning is one of Australia’s leading planning programs, and our Masters of Urban and Regional Planning was the first masters-level program in Queensland to be accredited by the Planning Institute of Australia.

The vision for UQ|UP is to consolidate our position as a leading urban planning program through high quality teaching and high research impact. We work in close collaboration with the Queensland Centre for Population Research, the premier centre for research and training in demography and population geography in the state, and UQ’s City Impact Lab.