Dan Luo giving public talk on data-driven urban design

Dan Luo, our colleague in Architecture is giving a public talk on data driven urban design, in collaboration with Arup. All UQ|UP members are invited to attend. To learn more, read on and visit the event’s Meetup page.

Speakers: Dr. Dan Luo and Jaime Traspaderne

Title: Big Data and Urban Design

Summary: The recent emergence in technologies, such as autopiloting, big data, digital infrastructures, and urban sensor networks, are constantly challenging our understanding of urban system by blurring the boundaries between the digital and physical world, shaping a different perception of urban streetscape for the pressing future. Through critical analysis and data-driven urban of everyday movement and activity patterns, Jaime (Arup) and Dan (UQ) will introduce opportunities for new connections, public spaces and infrastructures, and translate these into comprehensive urban design proposals from practice and research.