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New article on bikesharing in Transportation Planning and Technology, co-authored by UQ|UP team

What makes some people eschew bikesharing? What distinguishes users from non-users? The present study examines the transport priorities and socio-demographic characteristics of both users and non-users of bikesharing in the context of Adelaide, an Australian metropolis of 1.3 million people. We apply statistical techniques, including Principal Component Analysis (PCA) and two-level Nested Logit (NL) modelling, to original survey data collected in 2018. We find that younger age, digital literacy, full-time work status, household size, and certain transport priority dimensions which we term Safekeeping, Ease, and Fitness, are key factors associated with the likelihood of choosing or shunning bikesharing as a mode of transport.

Title: Users and non-users of bikesharing: how do they differ?

Authors: Ali Soltani, Andrew Allan, Dorina Pojani, Fahimeh Khalaj, Milad Mehdizadeh

Journal: Transportation Planning and Technology