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New article on gated communities in China in Journal of Urban Design, co-authored by Dorina Pojani

The Chinese government has recently issued a directive that calls for an end to gated communities. The aim is to halt the construction of new gated communities, and gradually open existing gated communities to the public. This paper examines the challenges of implementing the new directive in Shanghai, where more than 80% of residential communities are gated. The study reveals five types of challenges: (1) site redesign; (2) urban governance; (3) social frictions; (4) legal status; and (5) financial burden. While redesign is a more straightforward, albeit onerous, task, smoothing governance, social, legal, and financial tensions is a greater challenge.

Title: The challenge of opening up gated communities in Shanghai

Authors: Hongbing Wang & Dorina Pojani

Link to full text in Journal of Urban Design: