UQ Indonesia field trip course just started

UQ Indonesia field trip course has just started. Twenty two UQ students from planning, environmental management, GIS, development practice and social sciences and 18 UGM (Universitas Gadja Madah) from planning has just started their annual studio course. The course takes places in Yogyakarta, Indonesia for two weeks. Students work with urban and rural communities on understanding their everyday problems related to land tenure, housing, livelihoods, vulnerabilities and disaster management.

The course is done annually and this is the fifth year. It has been very successful in building strong partnerships with UGM, ArkomJogja (local NGO), Kalijawi (Community-based orgnisation), Lingkar (local NGO), urban and rural communities in Yogyakarta, and the government of Yogyakarta province (Planning and Disaster Management Agencies), and local governments of Yogyakarta city, Sleman regency and Bantul regency.

The course is coordinated by Dr Sonia Roitman (UQ|UP) and A/Prof Ron Johnstone (Environmental Management, UQ).