Upcoming panel discussion on disaster risk management in Nepal and the broader indo-pacific region”

Presentation and Panel Discussion

The Centre for Policy Futures-UQ and UQ International Development invite you to engage with leading Disaster Risk Management (DRM) practitioners with experience in emergency response, strategic planning and policy advice in Nepal and the broader Indo-Pacific region. Learn more about the importance of DRM in the context of achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Consider how international organisations are ensuring Accountability to Affected Populations (AAP) drawing on recent field experience with Rohingya refugees.

When: Tuesday 28th May; 14:00-15:30pm

Where: Chamberlain building (building 35) room 519, University of Queensland, St. Lucia.

Registration through this link (RSVP only, no cost)

Panel members are: Ratindra Khatri (Nepali Crisis Management expert), Ian Mackenzie (Queensland Inspector General – Emergency Management), Dr Claire Brolan (Centre for Policy Futures) and Alessia Anabaldi (UQ – International Development).

The Panel is organised by Dr Paul Schmidt.