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UQ|UP Research Paper 4 on Shanghai’s growth and morphology

The fourth paper in the series is out! This paper documents Shanghai’s morphological transformations during the five ‘classic’ periods in modern Chinese urban history and theory: (a) pre-1911, the period leading to the demise of Imperialism; (b) 1912-1948, the pre-communist Republic of China established though the Xinhai Revolution; (c) 1949-1978, People’s Republic of China under Mao Zedong’s leadership; (d) 1979-1990, the first stage of the ‘reform and opening-up’ initiated by Deng Xiaoping; and (e) post-1990, the current neo-liberal era. Nine morphological maps are used as a main analytical tool.

Title: Shanghai: A history in morphological maps


  • Wenjun Linghu
  • Dorina Pojani

2 thoughts on “UQ|UP Research Paper 4 on Shanghai’s growth and morphology

  1. Fascinating research and such good timing for the UQ SEES coastal cities collaboration with ECNU. Thank you!

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