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New article in The Conversation by UQ|UP team

Australian cities are far from being meccas for walking and cycling

Australian city planners are seeking ways to make cities better for walking and cycling. Walkability and cyclability are attractive and “green” urban amenities. They reduce pollution and improve health. They are also economic assets. In developing countries, active transport is key to improving accessibility for the urban poor. In developed countries, the walkable and cyclable city can be a magnet for attracting and retaining the “creative class”. In Australia, plans and projects are being developed to extend pedestrian malls and cycling paths, restrict car traffic, remove street parking and install more lighting.

Have these efforts paid off? Find out by reading the full article on The Conversation.


  • Dorina Pojani
  • Elizabeth Butterworth
  • Jim Cooper
  • Jonathan Corcoran
  • Neil Sipe