Public forum co-hosted by UQ|UP: Should we replace street parking with bike lanes?


UQ|UP team (Jonathan and Dorina, left), Cr Jonathan Sri (right), and planning experts and activists. Belinda Ward (Space4Cycling) is presenting.

Public Forum Event

  • Saturday 3rd of February 2018, 3-6 pm
  • AHEPA Hall, 126A Boundary St, West End

As West End’s population continues to increase, traffic congestion could get out of control. This problem is not unique to West End, and one traffic congestion solution in other cities (e.g. New YorkAmsterdam, and Copenhagen) has been replacing on-street parking with bicycle lanes so that cycling becomes a safe and convenient option for making local trips. While residents choosing to cycle rather than drive can expect health, environmental, and economic benefits, their actions also benefit their community since their trips now require less road and parking space, and they no longer slow traffic by cruising for parking spaces or maneuvering into parking spaces. Unfortunately, roads are typically designed to maximize driving speeds, which consequently reduces cycling safety and convenience.

  • Could replacing some of West End’s on-street parking with protected bike lanes increase the appeal of cycling, and consequently relieve some of West End’s traffic congestion?
  • Would this change be beneficial or detrimental for West End residents and businesses?
  • What happens for West End residents unable to cycle?

A Public Forum was held on Saturday the 3rd of February. Many members of the West End community attended and shared their experiences, concerns and insights on the matter.

The forum was co-hosted by Cr Jonathan Sri (Gabba Ward), Space4Cycling Brisbane, and the UQ|UP team.

Prof Jonathan Corcoran and Dr Dorina Pojani, as well as other experts and activists, presented their arguments both for and against replacing some of West End’s on-street parking with protected bike lanes. Following presentations and a Q&A session, the conversation continued in roundtable discussions.

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This research is funded by the Australian Research Council and the Queensland Department of Transport and Main Roads (LP160100031)