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New book chapter on TOD evaluation methods, by Weichang Kong and Dorina Pojani

This chapter – part of The Routledge Handbook of Urban Design Research Methods – summarises the research methods applied in studies to evaluate, ex post facto, the design of transit-oriented development (TOD) precincts. The purpose is to assist future researchers in this space with a menu of pre-tested methods that can be employed in new case studies. The methods are grouped into four categories: (1) mapping-based methods, (2) survey-based methods, (3) workshop-based methods, and (4) observation-based methods. For each of these, five aspects are discussed: (a) application, (b) contribution to research, (c) limitations and challenges, (d) ethical considerations, and (e) future improvements.

To cite:

Kong, W., Pojani, D. 2023. Exploring transit-oriented urban design. In Kamalipour, H., Aelbrecht, P., Peimani, N. (eds.) The Routledge Handbook of Urban Design Research Methods, Ch. 5.10, pp. 515-523. London: Routledge. Link: