Dorina Pojani’s book Trophy Cities featured by BroadAgenda

Who designs cities? And who are they made for? In her book, ‘Trophy Cities:’A feminist perspective on new capitals,’ UQ|UP member Dorina Pojani offers a fresh perspective on socio-cultural and physical production of planned capital cities through the theoretical lens of feminism. She evaluates the historical, spatial and symbolic manifestations of new capital cities, as well as the everyday experiences of those living there, to shed light on planning processes, outcomes and contemporary planning issues.

BroadAgenda editor Ginger Gorman asked Dorina a few questions. Read the full interview: BroadAgenda is Australia’s leading research-based gender equality media platform. Published by the 50/50 by 2030 Foundation, Faculty of Business, Government and Law at the University of Canberra, BroadAgenda builds a bridge from academic knowledge and expertise into mainstream media.