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Article on greyfield regeneration and placemaking in Built Environment by Sebastien Darchen

Sebastien Darchen’s article on greyfield regeneration and placemaking was just published in Built Environment. The article examines how the concept of ‘place’ could be integrated in the regeneration process for the industrial suburb of Salisbury and how the three Bs can be used as a framework to study the evolution and the possible futures of the suburb. The paper draws on data collected from interviews with stakeholders as well as the outcomes of a Design Studio course as well as a panel organized for a University of Queensland event on placemaking in 2018 as a practical way of exploring potential scenarios for place-based regeneration of the suburb. The aim is both to understand the current transformation process of this suburb and to develop recommendations for a regeneration process integrating the concept of ‘place’ in the South East Queensland (SEQ) context where regeneration principles are not well integrated into local plans for the suburb of Salisbury. The article highlights two conflicting views about the regeneration process and placemaking. The conclusion outlines recommendations to promote a regeneration process that could be adapted for both the Salisbury and the grey fields context for South East Queensland and would reconcile the two visions of what the regeneration of Salisbury should be.

The article, titled “Regeneration and ‘Placemaking’ without Governance in a Greyfield Context: The Transformation of Salisbury, Queensland, Australia” was part of a Special Issue on the Suburbs and the 3Bs: Bland, Blend and Brutal.

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