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New Conversation article on the housing crisis, by Dorina Pojani

Australia’s housing crisis is engulfing both renters and owners who are struggling to find homes they can afford. Many are looking to the government to provide relief when the federal budget is handed down this evening. But there are no easy ‘silver bullet’ solutions for housing. This crisis has been decades in the making, and many of its causes are deeply entrenched. And to make things worse, many past remedies have been more politically driven than evidence-based. As Dorina Pojani explains in her article in The Conversation, nothing short of a comprehensive set of bold policies, with all levels of government and the private sector working together, will change the country’s course. She offers 10 policies – aimed at both rental housing and home ownership – that the evidence shows can ensure everyone has a decent home. Read the full article in The Conversation (“Australia’s housing crisis is deepening. Here are 10 policies to get us out of it”):