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New book chapter on passive design by Dorina Pojani and UQ|UP students

This chapter reviews and summarizes the literature on passive design strategies employed in cities with (a) hot and humid climates which are prone to monsoons, typhoons, and/or floods, and (2) hot and arid climates which are prone to intense sunshine, droughts, and/or sandstorms. Case studies include Guangzhou, Bangkok, Singapore, Granada, Athens, and Yazd. For all six cities, both the urban form (macro scale) and the housing design (micro scale) are examined. This chapter targets designers, and as such, it is richly illustrated but does not include building physics equations.

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Pojani, D., White, J., Qiu, F., Lin, X., Qiang, J., He, Y., Liu, M. 2022. Zero-Carbon Urban Design in a Warming World: Learning from Pre-modern Cities. In: Wood, G., Onyango, V., Yenneti, K., Liakopoulou, M.A. (eds) The Palgrave Handbook of Zero Carbon Energy Systems and Energy Transitions. Cham: Palgrave Macmillan.