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New article on gendered land access in Feminist Economics, by Dorina Pojani and Albanian colleagues

This study investigates gender gaps in access to land ownership and land inheritance in Albanian rural areas by combining a large-scale survey and five in-depth focus groups discussions. The article considers three sets of variables: place-based characteristics; family characteristics; and individual characteristics. Results find that rural societies lack awareness around legal property rights, undermine the confidence of women in myriad ways, and continue to rely on customary laws. Current inequalities are placed in the context of Albania’s entrenched patriarchal system. Culture and tradition are as important as, if not more important than, legal frameworks surrounding land ownership and inheritance. The findings bring intersectionality issues into high relief: where patriarchy is combined with poverty, gender inequality is exacerbated. Findings call for a more holistic approach that combines efforts to improve legal literacy, raise awareness among all genders, and alleviate poverty for boosting women’s inclusion in the economy.

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Edvin Zhllima, Dorina Pojani, Elvina Merkaj & Drini Imami (2022) Unlanded Class: Albania’s Gender Gaps in Land Ownership and Inheritance, Feminist Economics, DOI: 10.1080/13545701.2022.2125167