Dorina Pojani on SBS Radio talking about her new book Trophy Cities

Canberra is the capital of Australia, but not everyone in the world knows it. Why should a small, new and little-known city host the seat of political power? Wouldn’t it be more logical to use the most important cities from an economic and cultural point of view, such as Melbourne or Sydney?

Australia’s choice to build a capital from scratch is not unique in the world.

UQ|UP member Dorina Pojani has recently published the book Trophy Cities: A Feminist Perspective on New Capitals, in which she analyzes seven cities born to be capitals, stating that almost all of them are very expensive mistakes.

The book examines examples ranging from Australia to India, including Brazil, Nigeria, Kazakhstan, Myanmar and South Korea. The title mocks the expression ‘trophy wife’, referring to the patriarchal approach that is often the basis of these projects.

Massimiliano Gugole talks to Pojani on SBS Radio Italian. Listen to the interview: