Tmnit Halefom Hailu on public panel discussing the ongoing war in Tigray, Ethiopia

This Sunday, one of our HDR students, Tmnit Halefom Hailu, partook in a public discussion in which the panelists talked about the ongoing war in Tigray, Ethiopia, and indicated that genocide is occurring. A major humanitarian crisis is unfolding.

A native of Tigray, Ms Hailu provided an overview of the political context that led to the war, and shared her own painful experience of having lost all contact with her young child for more than two months now.

Other panelists – also members of the Tigray community in Australia – provided data on the war devastation, gender-based violence, and child suffering. They also shared their personal stories and called for help from the Australian and international community. Awarness raising events and even protests have been taking place around Australia.

The panel discussion took place in the Olympic Function Hall in Yeronga and concluded with an exhibition of images from the war.

To learn more about the war in Tigray, read: