Congratulations, Dr Temi Indriati Miranda!

Dr Temi Indriati Miranda has completed her PhD degree. Well done, Temi! Her thesis is titled: ‘ Decision-making process used by middle-middle class families to access homeownership in Greater Jakarta, Indonesia‘.

Eighteen percent of the Indonesian population is considered urban middle‐middle class. Using the decision‐making process framework for housing access, this research addresses the broad question of: What are the dominant factors that influence the decision‐making process in accessing homeownership for the middle‐middle class families in Greater Jakarta? This study is both an exploratory and an explanatory study, using qualitative research methods . The thesis finds that when it comes to the strategies of home ownership, the middle-middle class’ biggest obstacle for becoming homeowners  is price, while location is  the most flexible trade-off middle-middle class residents are willing to compromise. 

Supervisors: Dr Sonia Roitman and Prof Neil Sipe