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New paper in Gender, Work and Organization on gendered space in Dhaka, co-authored by Sonia Roitman

A new publication about how gendered space is informally managed in Dhaka, Bangladesh. The article is titled ‘The politics of gendered space: Social norms and purdah affecting female informal work in Dhaka, Bangladesh’ and is co-authored by Dr Luftun Lata, Dr Peter Walters (School of Social Science, UQ) and Dr Sonia Roitman (UQ|UP).

In Bangladesh, the participation of women in the informal economy is influenced by patriarchal norms that limit the use of space by women. Women experience social and religious barriers rather than legal barriers. However, against some of these norms, some women need to use public space for a livelihood.

The article is published in Gender, Work and Organization Journal and is available for early view.