New UN-Habitat Global Lecture on gated communities by Sonia Roitman

UQ|UP’s Sonia Roitman was invited to participate in the UN-Habitat Global Lectures Series. This is a series of 10 lectures from internationally recognised academics. Dr Roitman’s lecture is entitled “Gated Community Development in our Cities“.

Over the last 30 years, Gated Communities (GC) have developed worldwide in cities in the Global North and South. The expansion of this type of housing responds to structural causes, such as increasing inequality and a polarisation process, and also to individual preferences. In addition, GC have positive and negative impacts that can be analysed according to several dimensions: spatial, economic, political and social. The lecture addresses the impacts at the city level and the relationships with SDG10 (Sustainable Development Goals) and SDG11.

The UN-Habitat Global Lectures Series is a great resource for teachers, students and researchers. The lecture information package and video is available here.

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