Sonia Roitman at RC21 Conference in Delhi

The RC21 Conference 2019 ‘In and beyond the city’ is currently taking place in Delhi, India. RC21 is the Research Committee on Sociology of Urban and Regional Development, of the International Sociological Association (ISA).

The conference has brought together over 500 participants from all over the world working on urban studies. It started on Wednesday 18th September with a provoking keynote lecture by Prof Mary Patillo (US, Northwestern university) on ‘The marginalised middle class in the metropolis’.

On Friday 20 September, UP|UQ Sonia Roitman presented a paper on ‘Socialisation or just economic profit? The un-neighbouring relations between gated community residents and outside local residents in Indonesia’. The paper discussed inclusionary planning instruments in Indonesia.

Several UQ planning, sociology and architecture staff are participating in the conference with more events in the future days.