Communities fighting against evictions in Delhi

RC21-IJURR Doctoral School (coordinated by Claire Colomb (UCL), Sonia Roitman (UQ|UP) and Liza Weinstein (Northeastern University): On Saturday, we were invited into three “bastis” (communities) across Delhi that have been struggling against their eviction and displacement. Thank you to housing rights activist Shakeel Abdul, who made our visits possible and introduced us to these inspiring local activists and community organizers. In each place, we learned about the numerous times their homes and communities have been demolished, about the various ways they have been fighting to retain their right to stay put, about their victories, ongoing battles, demands and hopes. We were humbled by the opportunity to learn from and exchange ideas with these inspiring women and men who allowed us to visit their communities. A deep and heartfelt thank you to all of them, and to Shakeel, for giving us this opportunity to learn, and for fighting this important fight.