Upcoming book on music policies and space in the 21st century, by Sebastien Darchen (Palgrave McMillan)

Dr. Sébastien Darchen (The University of Queensland), Dr. Damien Charrieras (City University, Hong Kong) and Dr. John Willsteed (QUT) have just signed a book contract with Palgrave McMillan for an edited collection entitled “Electronic cities: Music, Policies and Space in the 21st century” to be published in 2021.
This edited volume analyses the governance of current electronic music scenes in different city contexts. It considers the policies that might impact the development of those scenes but also the stakeholders involved in the development of those scenes (producers, musicians, event organisers and promoters, etc.). Although this volume prioritises the current context (post-2000), most of the chapters propose a longitudinal approach where a specific timeframe is studied in reference to the emergence of the electronic scene. This edited volume builds on existing works recognising the increasing connection between cultural policies and the built form.
The editors have gathered 22 collaborators and 17 case studies covering 21 cities in different parts of the world. These cities are located in Europe (9), North America (4), South America (1), Middle-East (1), Oceania (3) and Asia (2). Cities studied include Berlin, Sheffield, Los Angeles, Teheran, Australia (Brisbane, Melbourne and Sydney), New York, Manchester, Budapest, Lodz, Rio de Janeiro, Accra and many more…Collaborators include academics, musicians and music producers who have worked with bands such as Depeche Mode, The Cure and New Order. The collection will be published in 2021 by Palgrave McMillan.