Dorina Pojani discusses parking issues at the Pontifical University of Chile

Parking, albeit pedestrian, is an international issue of rising importance. Worldwide, the amount of land dedicated to the storage of motor vehicles is substantial and urgently needs to be carefully enumerated and then reconsidered in the context of progress towards an environmentally, economically, and socially sustainable urban future. Cities need to develop better ways to reclaim and repurpose underutilized parking space, and to use parking supply as a tool to influence travel behavior. This will simultaneously reduce the collective carbon footprint, disruption to natural habitats, time spent on the road, and income spent on parking infrastructure.

Dr Dorina Pojani presents on parking issues at the Pontifical University of Chile.

  • Title: Parking issues in Australia & farther afield
  • Time & Place: 5.00 pm, Tuesday 6 August, meeting room, north wing, DITL, PUC (San Joaquin campus), Santiago, Chile