UQ|UP at ANZAPS 2018

The Environmental Planning Programme at the University of Waikato is hosting ANZAPS 2018 – the annual conference of the Australia and New Zealand Association of Planning Schools.

1 – 3 November, Hamilton, New Zealand

UQ|UP participants include Laurel Johnson and Dorina Pojani.

Conference theme: Decisions, Decisions

Decisions are at the heart of planning – from development applications or the content of strategic plans, to evidence bases and community outcomes, to pedagogical choices and directions, and essentially, to the entire remit and role of the profession. Some decisions affecting planning will also take place largely beyond the discipline, as we have seen in recent debates concerning planning reform. Planners may also unfairly shoulder responsibility for unpopular decisions that may be a function of limited powers and policy, as we may see particularly in the political or media spheres. This year’s conference theme invites research and discussions on this important topic to help inform debates concerning research, education, and the position of the profession more generally.

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UQ|UP will host ANZAPS 2019! Stay tuned for more details.

Prof Iain White (University of Waikato) handing the (famously misspelt) ANZAPS flag to Laurel and Dorina (UQ|UP)