Confirmation seminar: Are cities still building highways?

Are cities still building highways? A comparison of Brisbane (Australia) and Isfahan (Iran).

Fahimeh Khalaj

  • Friday 16 February, 10 am
  • Room 519, Chamberlain building

Constructing roads and highways have been used as an effective method in solving transport problems, despite few positive effects these strategies had negatively affect cities, people and environment. This research investigates Are cities continuing constructing inner city highways despite its obvious adverse effects on cities, people and environment? This question as a main inquiry aims to understand why bad transport policies are so persistent and despite their adverse effect continue to be followed. It also examines the possibility of paradigm shift in transport policy toward highway removal. This study as a qualitative research, will apply case study as a research strategy and will use interview as a method of data collection. Brisbane and Isfahan are the case studies, as both are highly car dependent and continue building highways and tunnels inside cities.

Advisory team

  • Dorina Pojani
  • Neil Sipe