Polis PowerPlays played for the second time at UQ

A serious game called Polis PowerPlays, which is being developed by Dorina Pojani and a group of colleagues, was played for the second time at UQ with Planning Theory students.



3 thoughts on “Polis PowerPlays played for the second time at UQ

  1. This would be great to play with communal living situations such as co-housing, ecovillages and co-living. Does it have social, economic and ecological inputs/outputs?

    If so I imagine it would give real insight into the benefits of communal living for planners.


  2. Additionally, I believe it would be both possible and beneficial to take develop this game into a electronic platform in a similar style to SimCity or other civilization games so that design elements could be added and then have the game play out different scenarios over various time periods – the implications for teaching and research would be huge. Plenty of creative gamers out there….


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