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Dorina Pojani talking about car-free living on the Hustle & Bustle podcast

The Hustle and Bustle is a series of conversations with city thinkers and shapers, focused on South East Queensland. The podcast is hosted by Nicole Bennetts, a passionate urbanist on the Gold Coast. The episodes are light hearted, conversational and inspiring.

In Episode 18, Nicole interviews UQ|UP’s Dorina Pojani on one of her latest research pieces looking at Brisbane’s car free community.

Nicole and Dorina chat about:

  • Dorina’s background and car-free upbringing that led to her researching Brisbane’s car free community
  • What some of the main reasons people are shunning the car in Brisbane.
  • What are the societal benefits of being car-free?
  • How do we as planners and city shapers support a greater portion of the population in SEQ to make the switch to car-free?

Enjoy! And tune in every week for a new 15 min episode!