UQ Chancellor Q&A with postgraduate planning students

UQ Chancellor Mr Peter Varghese was a guest speaker this week in PLAN7612 (Global South Cities), coordinated by Sonia Roitman.

Mr Varghese participated for a second year in a Q&A session on International Development and shared his personal view on international development, international relations and the role of Australia with postgraduate students from Urban Planning, Environmental Management, Development Practice, Project Management and Public Governance at UQ.

Based on his long trajectory as public servant and diplomat for the Australian Government, Mr Varghese discussed the role of Australia in the Global Development Agenda and in particular, in relation to the Asia Pacific region. He also touched on the role of education and the significance of international experiences, and explained his role as advisor of universities in Singapore and India. Over 50 postgraduate students from more than 25 countries currently enrolled in PLAN7612 enjoyed a lively session with Mr Varguese and were grateful for the generous time given by the Chancellor.

Thank you Mr Varghese and we look forward to your session next year!