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New article by UQ|UP team in Journal of Urban Design on how how Middle Eastern women migrants in Australia perceive and experience public space

For Middle Eastern migrants to Australia, the process of acculturation is compounded by Islamophobia, which is on the rise, with many incidents occurring in public spaces and targeting women. Through in-depth interviews, this paper examines how women migrants from the Middle East, especially Muslim ones, are affected. The study finds that Middle Eastern women migrants have a different perspective on public space compared to local populations, and this difference stems from their cultural, political and religious backgrounds. These findings can help cities create inclusive and culturally-sensitive public spaces, which catalyze a ‘sense of belonging’ and ‘sense of place’ among migrants.


  • Roja Gholamhosseini (UQ\UP)
  • Dorina Pojani (UQ\UP)
  • Iderlina Mateo Babiano, The University of Melbourne
  • Laurel Johnson (UQ\UP)
  • John Minnery (UQ\UP)

Link to full text on Journal of Urban Design website: