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UQ|UP students presenting at SEES HDR conference on Friday

The list of planning and human geography students presenting at the conference follows below:

Poster session – 12:30-1:30pm

Ayodeji Adeniyi (Human Geography)

What determines where and when Brisbane residents will move?

Fahimeh Khalaj (Planning)

Why are cities still building highways?

Jasmine Pearson (Human Geography)

Pacific Islanders’ knowledge of mangrove ecosystems, Vanua Levu, Fiji: A basis for sustaining livelihoods

Mengyuan Jia (Planning)

Location and urban form: understanding the spatial structure of urban built environment in Chinese metropolis

Session 3 – 1:30-3pm

Lutfun Lata (Human Geography)

Dispossession by ‘development’ and the right to housing of the urban poor in Dhaka, Bangladesh

Deti Kusmalawati (Planning)

Governance Process in the Implementation of Land Acquisition Plans for Infrastructure Development in Indonesia

Renuka Bhoge (Planning)

Climate Sensitive Urban Design interventions: A comparison between Brisbane, Australia and Nagpur, India

Dr Radoslaw Panczak and Dr Dorina Pojani from the UQ|UP staff team are on 3-4 pm in the Life as a Researcher Q & A Panel


Visit the conference website for more information.