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New book chapter on transport and land-use interactions, by UQ|UP team

This chapter summarizes transport and land-use issues around the world. While the chapter covers Europe and the Anglosphere, it also emphasizes regions in the Global South – Latin America, Asia, and Africa – that are less represented in the literature. For the most part, the chapter derives its information from books, literature reviews, and comparative studies rather than individual case studies. To tackle a complex topic within a limited space, some broad generalizations have been made.

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Fahimeh Khalaj & Sara Alidoust & Dorina Pojani, 2023. “Mapping urban transport – land use interactions worldwide, a state of practice“, in: Joao de Abreu e Silva & Kristina M. Currans & Veronique Van Acker & Robert J. Schneider (ed.), Handbook on Transport and Land Use, chapter 9, pages 147-166, Edward Elgar Publishing. DOI: