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Building meaningful relationships with First Nations Peoples – Conference presentation by Sonia Roitman, Jim Walker and Reyna Harrison

This week a UQ|UP team formed by Sonia Roitman, Jim Walker and Reyna Harrison will be presenting at the Development Studies Association conference (DSA Conference 2022). The presentation is on how to build meaningful research relationships with First Nations Peoples in Australia. It provides research findings showing that:

a) Meaningful partnerships with First Nations communities in Australia require researchers to recognise the historical and continuing influence of settler-colonialism;

b) In recognition of Indigenous rights, many researchers are choosing to prioritise community relationships and protocols over traditional research frameworks and outputs; 

c) Organisational protocols need more flexibility to create a space for meaningful partnerships; and,

d) Tokenistic shows of inclusivity continue to undermine transformative efforts.

This research project is part of the ARC project LP160100805 Mapping Aboriginal routes to link landscape knowledge and cultural identity led by Dr David Pullar.

The DSA Conference 2022 is fully online. The conference programme can be found here. The presentation by Sonia, Jim and Reyna is available here.