Survey: urban consolidation through densification

Houses and high rises in Woolloongabba

Almost all major metropolitan areas in Australia have policies that aim to contain new growth within existing urban areas – ‘urban consolidation’. However, the practical implementation of these policies varies. In South East Queensland, detached houses form a greater percentage of new builds today than they did a decade ago, and more land continues to be released for greenfield development.

We are seeking input in a survey that seeks to understand the perceptions of those involved in, or impacted by, residential development. This includes planners, researchers, engineers, property developers, investors, owner-builders and local residents.

The key researchers responsible for this survey are Rachel Gallagher (PhD Candidate, the University of Queensland), Thomas Sigler (Associate Professor, the University of Queensland) and Yan Liu (Professor, the University of Queensland).  

The responses collected are anonymous. The survey will take 15 minutes to complete.

A link to the survey and other information is available here.