Join INTBAU’s Architecture Challenge!

The Architecture Challenge is a competition for low-carbon, no-carbon, and carbon-negative designs for resilient and adaptable houses. Proposals must advance local traditions, be low-cost and easy to build, and respond to a real location anywhere in the world that is affected by one or more of:

  • lack of houses that are affordable, sustainable, and appropriate for their context
  • climate that needs more, new, better, or different design solutions
  • rapid change through population growth or decline

Full details can be found here.

INTBAU want as many students, architects, teachers, designers, planners, and engineers as possible, from all around the world, to register to participate in the Architecture Challenge. This is where your help will be a huge support!

The Architecture Challenge will begin with a series of online learning and discussion events, starting on 30 July with a webinar on architecture’s responsibility and opportunity to better serve both people and planet.

If you are interested and/or would like more information, email Harriet Wennberg ( and she will provide a pack of materials for email, website, and social media posts, along with the sign-up link for the launch webinar.

INTBAU looks forward to hearing from you!