Join the Urban Design Challenge

The Urban Design Challenge Winter School challenges multidisciplinary teams of planners, architects, engineers and others, to create new urban developments that are more liveable, sustainable, resilient and resource efficient. The challenge takes place over 5 days, comprising information sessions on water, energy, planning, and urban design.

In a fast-paced competitive environment, eight teams of four participants compete in rounds to find ways to create hybrid water and energy systems and integrate into existing infrastructure to support sustainable urban infill development. In this tournament approach (game based) water, energy, architecture, and planning students explore performance-based design and planning options in realistic scenarios. It creates a fun, but stressful, environment – a powerful environment for collaboration and learning.

Site visits are undertaken for context and constraints and design challenges are progressively revealed. Each team develops a management goal, map systems, quantify targets and respond to specific challenges through strategic planning and design propositions. Students received real time and detailed feedback from industry and academic judges, overseen by impartial referees.

21-25 June 2021, The University of Queensland, St Lucia

Some industry scholarships are available, please contact us for details. If all places are allocated, please register for the waitlist. Places are limited, you must be available to attend all 5 days. Register online by 17 June 2021: