Dorina Pojani at ACRN’s ‘Speaking Out Series 1’: Inspiring women in urban research

The Australian Cities Research Network is convening the first webinar panel for the new ACRN ‘Speaking Out’ series which focuses on how the urban research community can contribute to addressing issues of gender inequity. Specifically, the ways in which urban research can work to:

  • inform urban policy / practice;
  • contribute to public debate / social movements; and/or
  • support / drive sustainability-led change 

The inaugural event is scheduled for Wednesday the 5th May 1-2pm. Link to the event registration:

Five women from across the career span have been invited to share their thoughts and research together:

  • Dorina Pojani (UQ|UP)
  • Louise Johnson (Deakin)
  • Virginia Marshall (ANU)
  • Emma Power (Western Sydney)
  • Lisa Stafford (QUT)

Convenors: Wendy Steele (RMIT) and Nicole Gurran (Sydney)

The Australasian Cities Research network (ACRN) is committed to advancing research that actively shapes the critical discourses, policies and practices that support more equitable and sustainable cities and regions. ACRN has traditionally provided a supportive forum for urban researchers, policymakers and practitioners through the biennial State of Australian Cities Conference (SOAC). See –

The ‘Speaking Out Series’ seeks to extend engagement with the urban research community by bringing together into conversation both established and emerging scholars around key contemporary urban issues and themes.  Each speaker will be invited to highlight one of their research publications (5min) and how it links or speaks to the seminar theme (i.e. gender inequity in cities and regions) – the idea is for this publication to be made available to participants prior to the webinar as well as profiled as part of the series on the ACRN website and social media.


  1. Acknowledgement to Country/Welcome to the ACRN series
  2. Introduction to the theme and speakers
  3. Panel presentations (Pecha Kucha format)
  4. Q&A
  5. Closing remarks

All UQ|UP members are invited to attend the seminar!