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New article in EP-A on visualising multimodalism by Anthony Kimpton

The article “Upset diagrams for examining whether parking maximums influence modal choice and car holdings” was recently published in Environment and Planning A: Economy and Space ( to demonstrate how ‘Upset’ diagrams can visualise and communicate complex sets of information.

Specifically, multimodalism is visualised and for two reasons. The first is that the Travel to WorkPlace (MTWP) data from the 2016 Australian Census of Population and Housing contains 239 combinations, which is typically too many combinations for more traditional diagrams. The second is that these diagrams can clarify how multimodalism is discussed and examined at a time when multimodalism is poised to play a greater role in our cities with ride-hailing, ride-sharing, eScooters, autonomous vehicles, and Mobility as a Service becoming more commonplace globally.

In addition, a pre-publication version and the programming script have been uploaded to rPubs so that you can start creating your own UpSet diagrams