Tiny houses and ecovillages: upcoming expose’ in Noosa

Tinyhouse ecovillage

Ecovillages and tiny houses: can planners keep up with the wave of positive change in the housing landscape?

Ecovillages are collaboratively designed communities that encourage sharing of communal spaces, resources and activities. Tiny houses are… tiny stand alone houses. While they both are outside the current planning toolkit, planners are encouraged to get ready for their inclusion. Both have affordability and ecological sustainability benefits. When implemented together their benefits are multiplied.

A range of speakers from local and state government, tiny house builders, experienced ecovillage residents and academics are involved in a 2 day exposé in Noosa on 1 & 2 March 2019. The event is embracing the public demand for greater need for other housing options than are available.

Jason Hilder from UQ|UP will share PhD research findings about Intentional Community Living Arrangements and introduce a concept to retrofit existing suburban house lots to include tiny houses in a cohousing community.

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