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Launching UQ|UP’s new Research Paper series

It is our great pleasure to announce the launch of our research paper series entitled: UQ|UP Research Paper (ISSN  2651-916X online).

The series will publish research produced jointly by our staff and students. The papers will be freely accessible online.

The fisrt paper in the series explores current and emerging church trends in Brisbane, Australia, which have implications for sustainable urban development. These include: (1) declining church attendance; (2) diverse church locations and larger catchment areas than in the past; (3) increases in church sites and facility sizes; (4) emergence of ‘megachurches’; (5) growth of ‘niche’ churches; (6) increased accessory and auxiliary uses of churches; and (7) online presence of churches. The paper also evaluates the applicability of international church trends to the local context.

Title: Emerging trends of modern churches and spatial planning implications

Authors: Mechelle Thomson and Dorina Pojani.

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