Seminar on the effect of travel-time on location choice in Australian cities

How does travel-time affect where people choose to live and work? In the first half of this seminar, Stuart will present the results of his ongoing research into the relationship between location choice and travel-time in Australian cities. The intuition underlying Stuart’s research is that commuting data reveals information on people’s preferences for home and work locations. By linking commuting data to detailed information on travel-times for six Australian cities, Stuart finds robust quantitative evidence travel-time affects location choice. Whereas existing transport models focus on predicting mode and route choice, Stuart argues one’s location choice is more fundamental and largely determines other transport choices. In the second half of the seminar, Stuart will consider possible implications of his findings for policy and opportunities for further research in the areas of land use planning and transport investment appraisal, drawing on examples of local transport infrastructure projects to provide context.

  • Title: Going with the Flow: The effect of travel-time on location choice in Australian cities
  • When: 07 December 2018 12:00pm–1:00pm
  • Where: Room 314/315, Steele Building (#03)
  • Speaker: Stuart Donovan is a PhD Candidate at the Department of Spatial Economics, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, where he is supervised by Henri L. F. de Groot. Stuart holds masters degrees in engineering and economics and has 12 years’ experience working as a consultant in the transport industry in New Zealand and Australia. Stuart’s research interests include spatial, transport, and urban economics; strategic policy development; and multi-modal transport planning. When he is not working or studying, Stuart resides in Brisbane with his partner, their delightful young daughter, and a voracious worm farm.