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New book chapters on TOD and BRT by Dorina Pojani

Advances in Transport Policy and Planning assesses both successful and unsuccessful practices and policies from around the world on the topic. This new release includes chapters that focus on incentives to influence travel behavior, promotion of urban cycling, Transit-Oriented Development, urban freight transport policies, and more. The objective of this book is to provide policy makers, planners, and researchers, documentation and lessons learned from various experience around the world to help them design a more sustainable transportation system for the future taking into account societal and technological changes



Ch. 2: Why Do Some BRT Systems in the Global South Fail to Perform Or Expand?

Minh Hieu Nguyen and Dorina Pojani

Ch. 4: Past, Present and Future of Transit-Oriented Development in Three European Capital City Regions

Dorina Pojani and Dominic Stead