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New article on cycling in European Transport co-authored by Dorina Pojani

In theory, Australian cities are ideal for cycling. In view of their high potential, this study seeks to answer “why Australia is not a cycling mecca.” This is an issue of importance in the current era of grave concern about climate change. The authors have sought input from professionals working in government and non-government organisations across five of the largest state capitals (Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, and Adelaide). The conceptual framework which guided the research considers the role of ideas, interests, and institutions in facilitating or preventing policy change in favour of cycling. In addition to identifying barriers, the study provides a set of recommendations on how to overcome those barriers.

Title: Why Isn’t Australia a Cycling Mecca?

Authors: Elizabeth Butterworth and Dorina Pojani

Download full text:  (issue 69, 2018) or through this link.