Field trip course in Indonesia

Thirty two UQ students from Planning, Environmental Management, Social Science and Geography at UQ recently spent 10 days in Yogyakarta, Indonesia undertaking a field course. The course is done in partnership with Gadjah Mada University (UGM) in Yogyakarta and allowed 18 Planning students from UGM to join the course. The course is called ‘Understanding development complexities’ and is coordinated by Dr Sonia Roitman and Dr Karen McNamara. It aims at providing hands-on experience on development complexities. Students work collaborative with urban and rural communities on understanding problems faced in relation to poverty, housing, governance, and natural disasters and livelihoods. ArkomJogya, Kalikawi and Lingkar are partners on the course, facilitating access to communities and sharing their knowledge and experiences. The course has run successfully for four consecutive years and receives funding from the Australian Government (DFAT, New Colombo Plan and DET, Endeavour Mobility Grant). For more information, contact Sonia Roitman.