Seminar: Gender, Education and Marital Status Differentials in Migration

Comparing levels and patterns of internal migration across countries is a difficult task. Administrative geographies are non-uniform and migration can be defined in a number of different ways. These challenges have prohibited cross-national studies on demographic differentials in migration patterns. In this talk migration data from over 60 countries are used to provide a broad comparison of migration by three key demographic variables; gender, education and marital status. A weighted multi-level modelling framework is then proposed that controls for variations in administrative geographies and migration measurement in each county. Using this framework, gravity-type spatial interaction models are applied to explore heterogeneities in migration push- and pull-factors by population subgroups. The results provide a number of interesting explanations for differences in migration levels by education and marital status found in multiple countries and time periods.

Speaker: Dr Guy Abel is an applied statistician at the Asian Demographic Research Institute and the Vienna Institute for Demography. Her is also a Professor in the School of Sociology and Political Science at Shanghai University. His research focuses on estimating migration and applying statistical methods to better forecast components of population change.

When: Thursday 22 February, 12-1 pm

Where: Room 211, Chamberlain building