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New article on city representations in movies and TV in The Conversation by UQ|UP team

The way cities are portrayed reveals and shapes public perceptions of the city. For young people, in particular, the media inform and disseminate the most elemental images of the city and the society that inhabits it. The media can be an important didactic tool – often the only one available to much of the population. But, increasingly, broadcast and social media aim to entertain the public. So how do these media depictions shape how we think and feel about the city? Most analyses of the role of media take a city-by-city approach, rather than one based on theoretical paradigms. By contrast, we analyse how three urban theory paradigms – postmodernism, sustainability and politics – translate into movies, TV series and TV ads.


  1. Sebastien Darchen
  2. Dorina Pojani
  3. Neil Sipe