Story maps: Not every tale starts with ‘Once upon a time’

Join Dr David Pullar for an overview of popular technology used for story maps.
There is growing interest in creating your own digital stories to share ideas and for educational learning. Story maps utilize interactive online web maps in combination with text narratives, pictures and other multimedia to tell and share stories that have a geographical context.

Dr Pullar will illustrate popular technology from National Geographic, Google, and the GIS vendor ESRI for story maps and geo-narratives and discuss how the craft of story telling may be applied to broad themes in geography; for example to illustrate the journey of an explorer or to appreciate the growth of mega cities. The seminar will also discuss aspects of task design for story maps and do a hands on exercise to appreciate how to develop story maps.

  • Bio: Dr Pullar lectures in SEES in GIS mapping, spatial analysis and web mapping.
  • When: Wed 1 Nov 2017, 12:15 PM (45 minutes)
  • Where: Please click this link for venue details and registration.