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Growing homelessness among older women in Australia

What are we as planners doing to address housing un-affordability for our elder generations…in particular the elder women?

There have a been a number of media articles and social media groups highlighting the plight of a growing yet largely unspoken group that are entering homelessness…aging women.

Two well presented video articles from SBS Insight bring a startling truth on the matter to air.

SBS Insight – Women on the Edge

Cohousing, co-living and Ecovillages continue to provide workable solutions to these challenges overseas, yet there seems to be little support, awareness or momentum in the planning sector to support this type of solution. Some examples are:

Elder women’s cohousing – Babayagas house in France

How Baby Boomers Are Creating Their Own Retirement Communities – USA News

Planners who are reading this blog…what are you thoughts and how can we make a concerted effort to address this problems with real, tried and tested solutions today and tomorrow?